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Upon first login, you will be force to change the default password.

My goal is to combine data, technology, and people; then document the process here so we can all learn from my errors and maybe even get a smile or two.

Now that the device has been added, we specify the graph templates that we want to create.

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In a typical deployment of Cacti and SNMP, there will be one or more SNMP-enabled devices, and a separate monitoring server where Cacti collects SNMP feeds from those devices.

Please keep in mind that all the devices that need to be monitored must be SNMP enabled.

To add devices, we login as admin and go to console in the Cacti admin panel.

We click Console Next, we set the device parameters.

The paths during Cacti installation are usually correct. During the first-time installation, the default username and password for Cacti are "admin" and "admin".