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The British comedy tends to be more sarcastic, cynical and based on situation.

You can expect a British guy to have a sense of humour that is much more quiet and 'dry' rather than involving hand gestures or impersonations.

Things like pie and chips, cottage pie, fish and chips, roast dinners, full English breakfasts and barbecues (chips meaning fries, not crisps).

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At first this can make your guy seem a little bland, but if you look for a wicked and dry sense of humour then it is probably there under the radar.

British Cuisine As mentioned, the average British bloke will love to go down the pub and thus much of their cuisine comes from that pass time.

He knows his bird is home nesting while he’s out on the town with his mates.

What to expect Last Thanksgiving I started dating a 30-year-old soccer coach from Birmingham, England.

Another aspect of British men that's different in a lot of cases is their sense of humour.