Austen dating jane

If my actual romantic life has sometimes been influenced by superficial considerations, as an Austen reader the basis of my affections has been almost entirely cerebral.I have fallen under the spell of beautiful minds – though it couldn’t be otherwise, since we seldom get a very precise physical description of our heroines, and they are never the prettiest girls in the neighbourhood.

If Pride and Prejudice is Jane Austen’s most popular novel, much of the credit belongs to Elizabeth.

Smart, funny, by turns passionate and sensible, irreverent and feisty, the second of Mr Bennet’s five daughters embodies virtues that appeal to both sexes.

How many female readers have imagined themselves to be just like Mr Darcy’s beloved, and how many male readers have become infatuated with her spirit and her wit?

Unlike Elizabeth’s father, who fell for the future Mrs Bennet solely on the basis of her beauty, male readers have little opportunity to become enamoured with Elizabeth that way.

Later, I came under the spell of Emma Woodhouse, the eponymous heroine of Austen’s penultimate novel, believing this to be a more mature love.