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She always maintained that acting was a job for her, nothing more.She was utterly professional – always prepared, cooperative, hard working. It's something to consider, that someone that talented, that gifted in front of a camera, could be somewhat indifferent to the whole business.Her list of directors ranged from Busby Berkeley ().

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I think she did suffer professional disappointments – she was in plenty of perfectly dreadful movies – but she had her family and her spirituality to sustain her. If she didn't become the biggest star, she was a respected and sought-after actress for 50 years. That was Joan Blondell's only Academy Award nomination (in the Best Supporting Actress category). I was able to see a video copy thanks to a collector, but it is not available on the home market. It's a worthwhile movie, a kind of sentimental wallow that Hollywood hasn't made for a very long time.

It's got an amazing cast, including Jane Wyman, Agnes Moorehead, Charles Laughton, Audrey Totter, and a pubescent Natalie Wood. She plays Wood's neglectful, self-absorbed mother, yet she keeps our sympathy and understanding. [Blondell lost the Oscar to Kim Hunter in Elia Kazan's What did Joan Blondell have to say about the musicals she made for Busby Berkeley?

And one important thing about the on-screen Joan Blondell that's worth acknowledging: the desire for sex and money never turned her into a bad girl. I was writing a biography of the director Edmund Goulding a few years back, and Norman interviewed me for a documentary he was making on Old Hollywood. These are good questions, because they really hit at the heart of who she was as an actress and as a person. from 1930 to 1938, and they worked her to the bone, particularly in the early years.

She was pleasant no matter the role, but when she was sexy and – cover: Joan Blondell, 1938. When we were through filming, he said casually “Maybe you should do a biography of my mother next.” Well, I knew his mother was Joan Blondell, and I was frankly stunned at the suggestion. She made 10 movies in 1932, and she had a lead part in each one of them!

Robinson, Ricardo Cortez, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Pat O'Brien, Wayne Morris, and Leslie Howard.


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