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As a teenager the prospect of seeing the Roses live one day seemed as likely as a trip to the moon. I got into them exactly at the time they split up in 1996.

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My mother’s name is Gloria and my father’s name was Ozell, and that’s how I got my name, Glo Zell. I am the latest You Tube sensation, "The Queen of You Tube", and TV personality!

I offer entertainment services such as stand-up comedy, acting, voiceover, singing and MC/Mistress of Ceremony/Hosting. Glo Zell is one of the hottest, young comedians to date. She is "The Queen of You Tube" with 2,000 videos, more than 2.7 Million Subscribers and over 486 Million Views!

It's a monster of a song, driven by one of the meanest bass-lines ever.

No one plays the four-stringed instrument as melodious and as groovy as the man Mani.

“Glo Zell and SK are overjoyed and their baby girl is healthy and adorable!