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” But while Akhavan is comfortable in light mode, she’s unconvincing when required to raise the emotional temperature.

VIDEO: 10 Moments That Rocked the Sundance Film Festival Many of Shirin’s clumsy attempts to regain her footing solo or win back Maxine -- a website sex hookup, a fizzled three-way, a disruptive visit to a gay rights discussion group, a lingerie shopping trip -- are funny.

It explores a culture of which I'm not a part, that of the young bisexual/gay/lesbian/transgender person living in a big city. All so I could see something I normally wouldn't have seen in the theaters. Even worse, I managed to talk someone out of going with me instead of with the others and so I felt bad about steering her wrong.

While the set up was all there, the execution sure wasn't.

But they don’t go far enough in terms of defining the character or any self-knowledge she has acquired.


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