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Faith Hill and Leann Rimes are often mentioned as two of the greatest female singers in all music, but can't even catch the older Reba or Martina spot on an awards show.Yeah, we get some great storytelling and outlaws and singers of character.It'll be one of the albums of the year (I've been listening to a preview copy but it's out in June). ALL music discards the older for the newer at an alarming rate.

Lorrie recorded an entire album worth of classic songs like LEAVIN', but I'm not sure it was ever released in the traditional way. Yes all music artists fade from the top, but no other genre of music discards them as quickly and fully as country music radio and media.

I don't think she was signed with a major label at the time. Trisha Yearwood is referenced in every major pop music singing competition as one of the great voices of the last 25 years and she is reduced to a cooking show and a county fair.

But the lowest common denominator trend has taken over post 2000. Miranda Lambert was raw and rough but with success became better looking and afraid to sing live. I enjoyed Lorrie Morgan's music years ago, but had completely forgotten about her - I mean COMPLETELY, and yet, one video and I'm reminded of what a wonderful voice she had. Even at the height of popularity, the Chicks were never in Nashville longer than they needed to be.

Got to give some props to the ubiquitous and not quite right Carrie Underwood. Like I said, not strictly country but it's folk/pop elements make it sound closer to real country than the pure pop you find on the country charts. It must have been flattering and encouraging to be assigned to Prince. I don't know if all country artists are 'discarded', I sometimes wonder if some just reach a certain peak and know they can walk away - like Trisha Yearwood. They wrote most of their own songs, lived in Texas, and just came here for a few weeks to record, so they never were integrated into the day to day life.

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