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Now place the cursor where you want the bibliography to be and click again.

It is a quirk of Bib Tex that the case of letters in the title field is ignored and the selected Bib Tex style applies its own capitalization scheme.

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(Dual Persona is an Army Reserve [or Guard] Soldier who is [or has ever also been] a Do D civilian [or contractor] therefore authorized to carry two CACs at the same time).

We have heard of people who were previously a contractor [or civilian] in the past [even if you left the job] and are still classified as dual persona.

Then click "Cancel" to avoid changing it to something else.

(c) When downloading the template, Internet Explorer sometimes changes it from a template file to a document file.

From within Word, open the file and then select "If you install the cygwin package after installing Mik Tex, Bibtex4Word will use the wrong version of