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Also on the site is a video of a young school girl repeatedly having sex with three men, while still in her school uniform.Adding to the disturbance is an explicit video of a clearly drunk girl being brutally raped by a group of seven men.After the founding of the United States, black people continued to be enslaved and treated as inferiors.

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The girl's family alleged she had been drugged and gang-raped by the three schoolboys.

They feared she would be traumatised over and over again as cellphone videos of the attack kept on circulating among pupils.

Other noticeable sexual acts on the site include a teenage girl giving her "boyfriend" a blow job behind a classroom, and that of two pupils having sex on the school grounds.

Other videos beyond the bounds of public indecency include those of couples having sex in front of scores of people and of women taking their clothes off in public places.

Powa media officer Nonkululeko Khumalo, upon viewing the site, said: "This is clearly a case of child pornography and rape as the girl is being raped."We have since reported the matter to the family violence, child protection and sexual offences unit and they have committed to looking into the site and investigating the matter further."We will make sure that we follow up with police in this regard," Khumalo said.