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L2TP VPN utilizes the UDP port tunnel to transfer data in encrypted package, because the nature of UDP data, the performance is much better than traditional PPP based VPN connection, plus more secure and robust that won't easily being blocked by broadband service provider or mobile phone companies.L2TP is also one of the most supported VPN protocol in almost every desktop systems, mobile devices and network appliances.

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Google is using historical parking data to warn users about the parking situation at their destination.

Users just plug their destination into the parking difficulty icon to see a score of 'limited', 'medium' or 'easy'.

The ads will appear below the user’s most recent conversation in the form of cards that have swipeable interfaces.

The tricky puzzle was posted on Facebook by Butuan, Philippines-based Keril.

The study, by researchers at New York University, the University of Illinois, and Princeton University, found just a year earlier, at the age of five, there is no difference between the sexes (stock image).