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You see, this is no regular market, it is a market of flesh and bone, one where the buying or selling of any living thing is not only permitted, but is the life blood of it's own community.

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NEVER bash on another master or slave, it will result in a boot from the Market.

Fighting is not allowed unless I okay it for entertainment! Get used to it or get out Due to confusion in my last Master/Slave thread, there will be no out right claiming.

Impossibly handsome, eternally youthful, and more than a little cruel. He simply regards humans with as little care for their personal feelings as we might a plants. And he's decided to induct this one into a brand new world, serving as his pet.

Perhaps the girl is an ambitious sorceress who foolishly summons him, or perhaps she is simply the wrong maiden at the wrong time.

Or else a father claiming his daughter, or an uncle taking his niece... Simply cry out for me, through private message or a post to this thread.