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He added that the man told him that he had planned everything from the beginning and then threatened to publish his naked video if he did not pay him Dh10,000.“When I refused to pay, he threatened to publish the video in my Facebook and Twitter accounts and send it to my friends and family,” the victim said.While I was talking to her, she put on a video of him naked on You Tube.

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It was then that I realised that the other party was filming me,” the victim added.

He said when he threatened the ‘woman’ with whom he was chatting that he will inform the police, the other party revealed that he is a man and does not care whether he reported the matter to the police or not.

He said that when he spoke to ‘her’ for some time, she tried to obtain his personal information and asked him to talk to her via Skype.

“I was so happy with the chance I got that I naively walked into the trap.

“She tried to seduce me but I refused to take off my clothes and asked her what did she want.