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The pre-school teacher part of me says that I should let him do what makes him happy and that stopping him from doing this may stunt some kind of development.

But the parent side of me wants to cry and is getting stressed out because of it all.

A son of a friend of mine used to like putting on tights, his parents were so worried at the time, he would like dancing around in them, his dad is very alpha male so you can imagine how embarrassed he was, he's now 15 with very provocative posters of girls all around his room lol. Although, as you rightly say, so what if he does turn out to be gay, don't want to seem homaphobic, because I wouldn't worry about that for any of my boys, we all just want them to be happy. Hazel I wanted to be a boy when i was younger, and i grew out of it.......mum said she would tie a "wee willy winky sausage" round my waist if i wanted .