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Every time I texted her in the past month, it seemed she was either on her way to a job, or just leaving a job.“This guy Frederick from Malibu has been asking about you. After dressing in silence, Laila put my hand in hers. I never asked her if she did this to comfort me, or as a part of the act. The porno was still on the screen, but it wasn’t my scene anymore. We really are very good girls.” I was shocked to hear my own voice chime in on this role play. Every time I shoot a student/teacher scene, I’m baffled at how the scripts never change. We bent over against the TV screen and showed off our asses.“Like this, Teacher? I could tell immediately from the change in his breath that it drove him crazy. Here we were, two girls he had been jerking off to for years. Often, I think about the guy on the other side of the screen while I’m shooting. I romanticized the situation, fantasized what it would be like if he were my Captain-Save-A-Ho. I lounged by the pool, went hiking, explored the resort, and shopped with his money while he worked all day. Every guy I’ve dated has eventually brought this up; it’s not a matter of if they will, it’s a matter of when. Then when the time came, I’d come to my senses and realize that I wasn’t ready to give up my dream job. I hardly even spoke to him after he asked that question. On the cab drive home, the first song to come on my i Pod was “Ho,” by Ludacris. Then I remembered a joke my friend Sebastian had told me a long time ago.

He’s, like, so fuckin’ rich, girl.” We were lying side by side in the sauna at our local Korean spa, relaxing after an anal threeway scene. No one from porn knows about it, and on its worst day it’s filled with Korean and Russian housewives who keep to themselves. The inner dialogue running in my head was far different. On the other hand, seeing how into the scene he was put me at ease. If I’m not particularly fond of my partner for the day, I know I can rely on the idea of the guy at home watching, jerking off to me to get me wet. Laila and I slapped each other around, just like we had done so many times before on camera. Like Laila had said, once we started fucking, it lasted about ten minutes. The next week was Christmas, so my schedule was clear of shoots. Then we’d meet up for dinner, fuck in the room after, and stay up late talking. On the last night, we took a stroll along the beach after another fancy dinner. I imagined what my life would be like if I were with this guy. We’d argue, both make compromises, only to realize that our relationship would never work because ultimately I need to do what makes me happy, which is porn.

Laila is loud, crude, and gives a fuck about no one. This guy Frederick-from-Malibu was notorious for seeing girls in porn, a big-time CEO of a huge, very commercial, very family-friendly company.“A few people hit me up about him. He had been trying to get other girls to refer him to me since my early days in porn.

Just that morning she had mortifyingly screamed across the line at a very crowded Starbucks, “Fuck Imodium, I drink coffee before anal! You can only show the inside of your asshole to the world for so long before your filter ceases to exist. “There’s no way.”“He’s super-nice and not gross at all.

This particular day was a weekday, and the sauna was empty except for us. Right now, right here, this was my favorite part of my job coming to life.“Teacher, I want to be your favorite student.”By the time the condom was on and he put his dick in me, I was soaking wet. Like in the scene he was watching earlier, he came on our faces.