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CK is still a young man, so he hasn’t grown into the grumpy, perpetually aggravated comedian that audiences have come to love from his more recent stand-up specials and his work on Louie.

The seeds of his voice are certainly planted when he works a bit about pissing on things in New York City, but grumpy young men are apparently not as funny as grumpy older men.

Manson - "You have made me that and the embodiment of people who agree with me are also Antichrist Superstar." DJ Apathy - Will Kippy be in any future MM videos? Manson - "I'm not against any religions, I just like to point out their weaknesses to open minds." Slaw09 - Is it true you tried to posses Danny Lohner of NIN's baby (Chances Lohner says you tried to.) Manson - "I heard he was impotent." Jak Off Jil - Why did you almost punch Twiggy out on Halloween in Boston? I was aiming for someone else." Austonian - At any point in your relationship with Trent Reznor, were you and he ever lovers? Manson my Name is Brad and I went to your show in Cleveland on the 21st of October, and I was just wondering why you did not allow mushroom head to Play? However, that band came in with an attitude that we didn't agree with, and they left with it." Scrizzel - Is Get Your Gunn a reference to Dr.

Manson - "Just the one for Fuck Frankie." Slavemnky - These questions suck..about, are you gonna perform any new songs at Irving Plaza tomorrow nite? Maybe Irresponsible Hate Anthem or Smells Like Children." MONTANA16 - When's the release date of the new album? Manson - "We've been naked in the same room together, but I'll leave it at that." Question - What do you represent? David Gunn, the abortion-doctor killed by activists?

Manson - "I like his writing but his movies let me down." JNIN13 - Is Twiggy there with you? Manson - "I'd be young again." SPIN - OK, we can just take a couple more questions... Manson - "I had to wear a uniform, have my hair cut short, and I wasn't allowed to listen to rock music. And I relate to the way he deals with his admirers." SPIN - OK, time for one last question. DO WHAT THOU WILT :) We know that you have given up watching Friends or the Shaq-Fu-Licious conference to be here with us tonight...