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:-)@John Smithers: Quoting from the linked page: Die Wichtigkeit eines Newspostings im Usenet ist reziprok zur Anzahl der enthaltenenen, kumulierten Ausrufungszeichen.

Which is exactly the point I was trying to make ;-) There are plenty of vampiric strategies that one can employ.

For point 6 you get my favourite punctuation mark link: specifically for the point you make in the end: "Most of us got to a point when we didn't consider our rep that important any more." After I was able to retag questions & edit CW posts on SO I was happy with the privileges, and have had no compulsive need to try to accumulate more rep.

(Although getting past 2k did make the copy editor in me even happier, and of course upping the rep score always gives you some warm buzz...

Experienced C programmers will almost always upvote you for that, and you'll be helping someone find programming techniques that they may not have found otherwise. I know first hand that #3 is a sure easy way to get more attention to your answer (and in turn more upvotes).


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