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The FBI estimates that there were more than 7,000 subscribers to the group, with around 2,400 living abroad.

Those subscribing to the Candyman group were targeted in this investigation, but other Egroups were under scrutiny at the time Candyman was announced.

We have developed specific defense strategies for people who were caught in a sting, and we have used these defenses effectively in cases throughout the country.

We can help you avoid mistakes that could affect the rest of your life and ensure that your rights and freedom are protected. Customs Service Commissioner Robert Bonner announced the results of an investigation dubbed Operation Hamlet.

Our experienced sex crimes defense attorneys can be reached 24 hours per day at (800) 993-0632. Subject: The investigation centered on a group of approximately 20 individuals who were molesting their own children and trading the images and videos with others in the group.

If you have been accused of a sexual crime or think you may have been targeted by an undercover officer or even a private citizen, you must contact an experienced defense attorney. Early intervention can save your life in these cases.

Sex crime sting operations are on the rise as popularized in television shows such as .

The deception can include the officer lying about their identity and sending photographs of other people or even other adults all in attempt to keep the conversation going. Do not assume that your privacy is protected, and do not assume that police must tell the truth.