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It obviously opens up a few different scenarios and possibilities, but the question of whether they can be executed properly is the main thing.After the murder of her sister in Bangkok, Allie travels to Thailand to bring her sister’s killer to justice.I suppose that the screenwriters were aiming to say something about the dangers of the internet, but instead decided to make a heavy-handed after school special with the message that once you start using the internet, you’ll end up making amateur porn and die soon after. Even that is done in a halfhearted way, as if they had an extreme reluctance to show nudity.

Cam2cam games

Backpacker Allie (Tammin Sursok; “Pretty Little Liars,” 10 Rules for Sleeping Around) has just arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, to hunt down her sister’s killer.

When Allie meets fellow Americans Michael and Marit (newcomer Ben Wiggins and Sarah Bonrepaux of ABCs of Death), she thinks she’s found some much-needed friends.

Allie soon discovers that other people who use the website aren’t there for the amateur stripping.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, Cam2Cam plays it safe by opening with the standard “woman alone at home”.

Allie decides to rent out a room at an apartment complex, where she meets up with other twenty-somethings renting in the same complex.