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She said that he has to work all day and sometimes night also. I asked her that why her husband is not taking her to his place. When she opened door, I was amazed to see her in salwar-kurtha with no dupatta.


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me: rranjani_79: ai veara peasu me: yen aunty me: ?

rranjani_79: chuma tha me: ungaluku mood agutha me: ? rranjani_79: hmm nalla iruka me: thnx aunty me: pothuma rranjani_79: close aiduchu?

On that site, we can’t see any details of other person.

I requested her to send me her photo for which she hesitated a lot.

me: u have kids rranjani_79: what u do rranjani_79: 1 girl me: im software eng me: wats her age rranjani_79: oh what company" rranjani_79: 33 me: her age or ur age rranjani_79: my age me: i work for IBM me: ok rranjani_79: ok me: im sry aunty...i should have spoken like tat me: not rranjani_79: paravailla me: seri aunty me: neenga enna panreenga rranjani_79: house wife me: super aunty me: unga husband enna panraru rranjani_79: business me: enna business rranjani_79: textile me: ethana varusam achu ..kalyanam ayi rranjani_79: 8 years me: hmm...ponu thana me: yen aunty me: im sry ... rranjani_79: ama rranjani_79: 1 week aagum me: aiyoo..1 week ah me: hmm.neenga aunty rranjani_79: hmm me: aunty ora oru sex pathi doubt plz rranjani_79: ai itha pathi peasa veanam me: hmm' me: yen unga husband illaya me: rranjani_79: purila me: illa....onnum illa rranjani_79: hmm me: illa..ayiduchu na....satisfy panna unga husband illa ?