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Since I don’t have family nearby, I needed to either find a friend who’d be willing to watch Lucy, or fork over an hour, plus Seamless privileges and an Uber ride, for a babysitter.

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It was clear after our beer that we wouldn’t be anything more than friends, but it was still gratifying. Lucy had been invited, her name engraved alongside mine on the cream-colored invitation.

I wore her in a baby carrier over a bodycon DVF dress with five-inch heels.

I loved how suddenly there was no question: We’d hold hands, have a “hello” kiss, head home in the same cab.

And, to be honest, I even loved the four- or five-month mark when I realized there likely wasn’t a future — I could reactivate my Tinder profile and start the cycle all over again.

He lives in London, and we only see each other three times a year; the last time I had seen him had been when I was midway through my pregnancy, the curve of my belly just beginning to be evident underneath a tight tank top.


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    En réalité, toute la planète people était là pour la nouvelle édition du Miyake Mugler House Ball.