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In a larger way, the movie depicts how Muna goes about chasing any man and is ready to give anything to get them.While it will be explained to be a make believe, people are wondering the kind of lesson that the movie will teach the public, as it shows how a man can find delight in a fellow man.

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Homophobia in Ghana (Homophobia Plagues Africa) (2010): Monday’s statements by a prominent Ghanaian activist provide further evidence of the alarming homophobia that is sweeping across Africa. Bernice Sam, National Programme Coordinator of Wi LDAF (Women in Law and Development) in Ghana argued publicly for the Constitution Review Commission to limit Ghana’s definition of marriage to include heterosexual couples only. These statements are just the most recent addition to a growing fervor of discrimination, paranoia, and hatred directed at sexual minorities in Africa.

John Dumelo Slammed In Nigeria For Acting In Gay Movie (2010): The film is entitled “Men In Love.” It features scenes where top Enugu-based actor Muna Obiekwe is romancing and hitting the back side of Ghana top actor John Dumelo who is facing down on the bed without any string of inner wears.

There is no denying the fact that the practice in many mixed or even single-sex boarding schools where senior students sleep with junior students they call their sons and daughters or even where students at the same level frequently make intimate passes at one another. This reflects the general climate in the country concerning the issue.

The problem with the Ghanaian system is that terminologies such as “gay, “homosexual,” or “lesbian,” had not caught on with the Ghanaian system, thus, in the mental dictionary, discussions bordering on recent developments have not been given the treatments they have been. MSM and HIV in Ghana: Influencing Factors (2004): For love and money: Respondents engage in MSM for a number of reasons. Only two Ghanaian trainers didn't return the questionnaire.

If we will be honest with ourselves, such practices have gone on since Adam and because in the past there were not many media activities going on in some areas of the country, such practices were not reported and even when people were seen or caught in such acts, society quickly swept it under the carpet. Some of these include: Pleasure Versus Economic Reasons. After my session, there was no difference in my interaction with the Ghanaians.