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--Giving Up On BDSM A Either your technique and style are both lousy or your girlfriend is one of those BDSM switches who has a difficult time submitting to someone she knows, loves, wakes up next to every morning, gets into arguments with about bills, et cetera. I expected that he would go a few times a year and that these "sessions" would cost $100 a pop. He spent more going to his pro in December than he did on Christmas! But unless money is no object and/or you're single, blowing $400 a month on visits to a pro dom is unreasonable and unfair.

It might be better if she subbed for someone else, GUOB, while continuing to dominate you. I am happy to do lighter stuff, but I am not interested in squeezing into an uncomfortable corset and using a flogger on him. I asked him to cut back and go see someone cheaper, and he became angry and defensive. That's $4,800 a year, which could go a long way toward a down payment on a house.

I met my current dominant partner on Ok Cupid because my profile reveals that I happen to be a big old pervert. Essentially, dating in the kink world is no different than dating in the default world.

You don't have to drop your drawers because you're told to.

This option opens up a significant number of active sites in the network, but again, it is not required.